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F.A.A.M in Antwerp: sustainable fashion for men and women

F.A.A.M is a relatively new store in Antwerp, established at the end of 2016. It’s the work of the same founders as those of Froy & Dind, a pioneer in the city when it comes to ethical and sustainable fashion, and located just across the street. Moreover, this street, de Nationalestraat, is the epicenter of Antwerp’s fashion scene. Thanks to ethical fashion stores such as F.A.A.M opening here, that position as an epicenter is getting assured for the future.

At F.A.A.M all brands are ecological, ethical and social. The store is aimed at bringing a modern collection, with a strong focus on offering fashion for men and women. For some time now, there is a lack of sustainable fashion for men in stores around Europe, but things are starting to change! You’ll find items from well-known sustainable brands such as People Tree, Armed Angels and Wunderwerk. But they also offer their own label, that of Froy & Dind.

The F.A.A.M store is well worth to check out; as well as to read more about the items on sale. Positive stories are always inspiring.


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